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We're building the next generation of tools to unlock the power of planned giving. Our partner program is designed to deliver top-notch planned giving help and software to the organizations you represent.

The partner program is intended for organizations that represent a larger group, like church dioceses or other umbrella organizations. Individual churches and non-profits should check out our feature page for more information.

Planned Giving Navigator

One centralized place where your organizations can access brochures, media, recommendations and more. Our software can also store all of your policies and documents, as well as provide a place for you to track tasks and get help from us.

Reach Your Audience

Our Navigator Partners interface allows you to communicate recommendations, set tasks and more through our system. Your staff can easily and quickly communicate with a large group using our platform.

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Brochures and Media

Your members will receive customized brochures and other media. We work directly with them to offer affordable printing options and design help.

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