Planned Giving Tools That Make A Difference.

The Planned Giving Navigator is a next generation tool to help you grow a successful planned giving program. We offer customizable planned giving web pages, print and e-brochures, and much more.

This five minute video tour will walk you through many of the features of the Planned Giving Navigator. The following videos provide more detail about some of the major features, including brochures, planned giving sites, project planning and more.

Inspire, inform and remind through brochures. Your Navigator automatically provides many of the most frequently requested brochure templates, and they are already customized with your information. You can edit and print any of these brochures on your own, or for a reasonable rate we will find a printer to deliver completed brochures right to you.

A 24/7 reminder that planned giving is a priority for your organization. Everything important is on your website. Your visitors can be reminded and explore planned giving opportunities in a low pressure environment at their own leisure. Our team creates and maintains your planned giving page for you. We match your identity, upload your stories and keep the content updated.

A compilation of ideas and common practices in planned giving. Don’t spend your valuable time reinventing the wheel. Learn from others’ experience, and use your time implementing your program and engaging donors. In your Navigator calendar, each month reveals recommendations, action items and educational segments. If you are just starting your program, “Start Here” walks you through many of the major questions and common practices for launching a competent program.

A central repository for your policies and documents

Most often committees do not have their policies and documents at their fingertips. Keep your policies and other documents in a central place where all on the committee can access them. The Navigator has a policies section where you can upload your important documents and share access with anyone you choose.

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