A legacy gift to Westchester Children's Association could touch the lives of thousands of children throughout our county for years - or even decades - into the future. Child advocacy takes time to nurture into glorious moments of change that ripple throughout our communities through policy and program development. While we walk together, we have fleeting moments to spark change through our works and connections. After our passing, we are able to live on through our donations to support movements that could affect generations.

WCA holds a unique position in Westchester County since our establishment in 1914 where we are the only child advocacy nonprofit that operates independent of government funding and able to respond to the needs and issues that are most pressing to our children and youth. Your gift could propel change through our advocacy in ways that could save lives of the youngest babies or bolster young adults to excel beyond their circumstances. We improve lives of children through the full range of brain development from birth to age 25 through multiple issues that are pertinent to each phase. We strive to ensure that every child is healthy, safe, and prepared for life's challenges by focusing on the greatest needs that are not met through others, connecting those who help children with decision makers that shape our communities, and persevering until the needs we identified are met. We have created safe spaces for children in family court, created supportive early learning environments for children needing mental health support, pioneered health care funding for children in need, and so much more. We look forward to changing the way that children and families are able to secure and maintain safe housing, take advantage of learning resources online, and even develop in positive learning environments. The arc of advocacy may take longer than usual as we seek to make sweeping changes that address issues at their source. In return, our successes shape lives of children we may never meet who will shine brighter for years to come. Your gift could sustain multiple issues and touch the lives of children for generations to come through policies and programs in Westchester County.

Through the uncertainty of the pandemic, WCA was able to weather the storm with the help of our private endowment that resulted from the foresight of past members of our Board of Directors. We drew from this fund to ensure that we could weather the storm and continue our work when children needed the most support. Your legacy gift could help to replenish this endowment ensuring our growth and resilience during future unforeseen circumstances. Our endowment also gives us a financial source of sustenance to be flexible to quickly respond to changing social needs and even invest in opportunities that could help create programs beyond our dreams. Your legacy gift could help WCA lift our children up for another 100 years.

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