The Next 25 Years

Building on the legacy of those who came before us, our aim is to grow the Endowment & Special Gifts funds to in excess of $20 million, providing an increased level of support for current and expanding LCPC ministries. Five Endowment funds are current available to support LCPC's annual operating expenses, and more can be created to match a donor's wishes:

  • Operating Fund: supports the annual budget (for all purposes below)
  • Facilities Fund: supports reserve funds for building and facilities maintenance
  • Outreach Fund: suports reaching new members and local/global missions
  • Music Fund: supporting the music ministry
  • Family Fund: supporting family, children and youth ministries.

These endowed funds will distribute 4-5% of the prior 3 years average balances, each and every year, providing additional support to LCPC's annual stewardship giving. Upon reaching our $20 million goal, it will provide up to an additional $1 million each and every year, in perpetuity!

Next Steps

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