In 1952, the Rev. Lea Joyner stood in a vacant lot on the Southside of Monroe and made a commitment to the Lord. The weeds were waist high, but she saw a vision of something incredible: a church for all people. Soon afterwards, she started a church where the gospel message was preached and lived in such a way that all people would come to know the love of Christ. With God's help, Rev. Lea Joyner's church was soon flourishing and has continued to thrive!

This is our legacy at Lea Joyner Church. After her tragic death, we have continued to lead people to Jesus through evangelism and mission. When you make a planned gift to Lea Joyner Church from your estate, you are contributing to this legacy. And you are creating one of your own.

We encourage you to prayerfully consider making a legacy gift that will benefit Lea Joyner Church and the Monroe community for years to come!

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